Please email me if you can identify any of these people.

This picture is in Giza, Egypt in front of the Great Sphinx and the Great Pyramid.

Lt. Charville is the second man from the left.


Lt. Charville is in the middle of the back row.


This photo was taken at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado at the 21st School Squadron, which was an Army Air Corps Technical School.

The following signatures appeared on the back.  The dog's name was Boots.


September 1, 1942				Al Sabol – Sgt – Chief Clerk
Alex Scheck 1st Sgt.				Paul L. Billhymer Sgt Major
Herman B. Sachs – Sgt – Duty Sgt.		Joseph J. Borowig – Cpl. Lieh Book.
Scotty (Wiskey) Savage (Squadron Clerk)		Joseph C. Ihnat (Charge of Quarters)
Henry L. King					Owen Demoree
Sylvester Pekol					William J. Meredith 
Kurman Reynolds					Maurice W. Johnson
Beecher E. Blair				Raymond B. Jacobson
Robert Gildea (Supply Sgt)			Arthur Calhoun
Oscar Mays					Arthur P. Lancy T/Sgt. 21st Sch.
Frederick T. Brown				L. S. (Pop) Hancock (temp cpl)
John E. Strong					Sgt. Johnnie L. Minzes
William S. Young				Sgt. Eduard M. Salog
Albert J. Foushu				P.F.C. Louis Drum
Joseph G. Skul					Joe Moran
Robert A. Burger				George F. Wohlrab
John Skalic					Ray Fowler
Ralph W. Wysocki				David Aarons

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