Wimmer 446th Bomb Squad Photos 1

These photos are a part of the collection of S/Sgt. Warren H. Wimmer, who was a Radio Mechanic in the 446th BS.


Four_446th_Men.jpg (25261 bytes)

446th BS Men, James H. McCommack, Gerald T. Tucker, Warren H. Wimmer, Edward J. Travis


Warren_Wimmer.jpg (35780 bytes)

Warren H. Wimmer


Kerr&Wimmer.jpg (35750 bytes)

John C. Kerr

Rolling_1000_Pounder.jpg (27637 bytes)

Francis M. Lancaster, Wendell P. Boston (or Lorne E Rife) and Edward J. Tracey rolling a 1000 pound bomb


Presidential_Unit_Citation.jpg (41283 bytes)

General Cannon Presenting the Presidential Unit Citation to the 321st Bomb Group.


Zabinski.jpg (31425 bytes)

Joseph J. Zabinski

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