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The following men, who were the original 445th Flying Officers, were identified by 445th Crew Chief Fred Lawrence, in his book about the 445th Bomb Squadron from a Ground Crewman's perspective; Untold & Unsung, the Unknown. Please let me know if you can identify any of the other men in the photo.

Back row, standing (L to R) 1. Robert D. Hoekman, Pilot; 2. James O. Walker, Pilot; 3. William F. Butela, Pilot; 4. Unknown; 5. Unknown; 6. Norman Bsharah, Bombardier; 7. Unknown; 8. William McGee, Pilot; 9. Richard P. Tipton, Pilot; 10. Harold W. Larson, Navigator.

Third row, standing (L to R) 1. Unknown; 2. Unknown; 3. James M. Ward, Pilot; 4. Fred H.Garrison, Navigator; 5. Robert H. Bonus, Pilot; 6. Richard P. Buckingham, Bombardier; 7. Unknown; 8. Unknown; 9. Floyd Whiteford, Pilot; 10. Wayne C. Clinton, Pilot; 11. William S. Cratin, Pilot.

Second row, kneeling (L to R) 1. Raymond L. Rudolph, Pilot; 2. Robert B. Kayser Jr., Pilot; 3. Francis D. McKneer, Bombardier; 4. Unknown; 5. Raymond R. Manley, Pilot; 6. George A. Mamerow, Pilot; 7. Unknown; 8. Guy J. McLaughlin, Pilot; 9. Robert, B. Grau, Pilot.

Front row, sitting, Henry "Art" McEnroe, Bombardier, far left, and  Roy N. Miller, Pilot, far right (remaining front row unknown).

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